Custom Retaining Rings

Custom-made wire rings are our specialty. We offer:

  • Super fast delivery of Prototypes/Samples
  • Drawings supplied at no-charge
  • Multiple materials and temper options
  • Extremely tight tolerances available
  • Many secondary finishes performed in-house
  • A focus on QUALITY and VALUE above all else

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Industry standard rings

We have a large Inventory of standard rings in stock ready to ship. No need to wait days/weeks to find out if your products are in stock! Simply check our online catalog to see our products/specs and their availability.

View our Catalog to shop and immediately view pricing, availability, and specs.

Compression Springs and Torsion Springs

We have also entered the spring market and are working on expanding our offerings and details soon.

Other Services

  • Tumbling to remove any burrs or sharp edges
  • Passivation of stainless steels to enhance corrosion protection
  • Black Oxide coating available
  • Special bagging available (with your bags/labels or ours)
  • Special end grinding available on many applications
  • Barcode labeling to your specifications

Tooling Department

We make most of our own tooling in-house to prevent delays and reduce costs.



Why CB Wire Products?

We partner with you to make sure you get what you need when you need it.

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